Meeting & Event Management

MMS tackles meeting and event management from a holistic, 360-degree consultative approach. We ask “the who, the what, the when, the where and the why” so we can understand the needs of our clients. This approach allows your dedicated MMS conference team to identify the tasks required from large to small. In addition, we ensure the success of our conferences via the use of established best practices and documentation. 


We are methodical in our approach, calculated in our recommendations, and systemic in our execution. In addition, our clients gain access to our curated list of suppliers and vendors - all of whom have been tried and tested over the years, ensuring we bring the best to the table. And unlike many firms, MMS never applies hidden commissions or upcharges - our clients gain access to the best pricing in the industry - regardless of the size of their event. 

By The Numbers: In 2019, MMS organized and executed 39 meetings and conventions around the globe.